Sharpe Mixers
Company History

Sharpe Mixers began in 1953 as The Burhans-Sharpe Company, a sales representative organization with equipment and engineering services for the chemical process and pulp and paper mills in the states of Washington and Oregon. In the years that followed, Burhans-Sharpe successfully engineered and provided goods and services in the areas of mixing, heat transfer, conveying, vacuum control, pumping, filtration, and other applications in the chemical engineering industry. Because of an expertise in mixing, Burhans-Sharpe formed a mixer manufacturing division in 1970. The division was an immediate success, supplying mixing equipment throughout Washington & Oregon. In 1980, representatives were recruited throughout the United States to supply mixers nationwide. In the years that followed, Burhans-Sharpe developed it’s own portable mixer line, energy efficient hydrofoil blade impellers and various other innovative designs, helping the company grow at a rapid pace. In 1992, Burhans-Sharpe expanded, moving into a larger facility which consolidated the engineering and manufacturing divisions. In celebration, the company logo was updated and the name "SHARPE MIXERS" was hoisted above the entrance. The expansion included new "state of the art" machining, welding and painting equipment, including current EPA air handling systems for a safe, clean working environment. SHARPE MIXERS continues to strive to increase quality and simplicity of design and customer satisfaction, while keeping costs and delays at a minimum. Every person within SHARPE MIXERS is responsible for past success, and it's these people who will form the future for the Company.